Defiance Coal Company, 1930, Overview

The mine is located in Sections 15 and 16, Township 15 North Range 19 West N. M. P. M. It is opened by a double slope 7,500 feet long driven on an angle of dip varying from 5% to 10%. Cross entries are turned off the slope driven on the strike of the seam. Dip planes are driven off the cross entries and rooms turned off each side of the dip planes. The coal is gathered from the rooms by rope and delivered to the partings on the levels from which the dip is turned. The mine is ventilated by a fan and the air is carried in one continuous current through the mine. Seven Sullivan mining machines are used to cut the coal and permissible powder is used to shoot down the coal.

Electric hoists are used in the mine and the main outside hoist is a steam driven engine. Electricity is supplied by a company power plant at the mine.

The mine worked 143 days during the year with a daily average of 80 miners and 20 day men in the mine and 40 men and 4 boys on top. It produced 97,974 tons of coal. The machines cut 75,781 tons. Mine operations used 5,964 tons. 93,667 tons of coal were sold in the markets of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Approximate value of coal sold $253,740.00. 24,450 pounds of permissible powder was used. The shots are fired at night by a shot lighter. Open lights are used in this mine.

G. A. Kaseman, Owner and General Manager, Albuquerque, New Mexico

George Miksch, General Manager, Gallup, New Mexico

1. "DEFIANCE COAL COMPANY, DEFIANCE MINE", Nineteenth Annual Report of the State Inspector of Coal Mines to the Governor of New Mexico, New Mexico, 1930, Page 37.

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