Coon Sanders Novelty Orchestra, 1922, Photograph

This very clever combination has been playing at the Muehlebach Hotel for several seasons and is the pride of Kansas City. The instruments are all Conn and the members are highly delighted with them.

Image of the Coon Sanders Novelty Orchestra

They purchasd a full set of the Artist special finished instruments and each member has given his letter of congratulations teeming with highest praise of the Conn product. The Coon-Sanders Orchestra consists Carleton A. Coon—Drums & Bells, Mr. Sanders—Piano, C. C. Hendricks—Trumpet, A. Nordberg—Trombone, H. H. McLean Saxophone, Harold Theill—Saxophone. "It has been my contention that the only reason I could attribute the splendid blending tone which is the outstanding feature of our orchestra, and very noticeable in our records, was the fact that our men all are Conn Converts and they will readily testify to this fact." - CARLETON A. COON,

1. C. C. Conn Ltd. Musical Truth, Vol. XI, No. 30, Elkhart, Ind., May, 1922, page 20.

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