Company C, 312th Engineers, 87th Division, 1919, History

The 312th Regiment of Engineers was formed at Camp Pike, Arkansas, and was in training there from September 1917, to June 1918. Then the few members remaining were transferred to Camp Dix, New Jersey, and there the regiment was brought up to full strength. Most of the men, therefore, are from the Eastern States.

After several months of intensive training at Camp Dix, the regiment left for Hoboken August 23rd, and boarded the English transport " Caronia " the same day. The following morning our twelve day trip to Liverpool began. Arriving in Liverpool September 5th, we entrained for the rest camp at Winchester. Our stay there was brief; on the 7th, we left for Southampton, crossed the English channel on the " Harvard " and marched to the rest camp at le Havre, on the 8th. The following day we took the train for Pons.

We were at Pons, from September 12th to October 1st, going through the preliminary training required for a combat unit. While there, however, the S. O. S. claimed us and on October 1st, the company moved to camp Genicart, near Bordeaux. Since that time, Company " C " has been separated from the regiment.

From October 5th, to November 25th, we worked at the docks and ammunition warehouses at St Loubes ; also building a concrete railroad station at La Corp. There we lived in tents. Leaving there November 25lh we marched to the Entrance Camp of the Bordeaux Embarkation Camp, presumably to pass through on our way to the homeward bound ships, but actually we were detailed for service there as Camp Engineers.

The Victory Theatre at Camp Genicart, the Y. M.C. A. building and Salvation Army steel hangar, in the Entrance Camp, numerous barracks, and mess halls, headquarters building, post office, the steam sterilizing room in the Genicart " Mill ", and improvements in almost every building in the Entrance Camp, bear witness to our good work there. When there was nothing more to be done there, we moved to Camp St. Sulpice March 22, 1919, taking over Road District No 6, the largest in Base Section No 2.

During our stay at St. Sulpice, we have put our roads into shape, using about 500 German and American prisoners daily. In addition to working the roads, we have operated a stone quarry and three gravel pits. Now our work is nearly finished, and we are all looking forward to the next move, which is to be homeward.

Two hundred and forty one men left Camp Dix, and now our company numbers two hundred and three. Death has claimed eleven of our members. Many have been weakened by sickness so that they have been sent home. Some have been discharged to care for dependents back in the States.

In all of its work Company "C" has produced results, and we all know that it is the best company in the Regiment.

Camp St. Sulpice (France). May 20, 1919.

1. "History", Roster of Company C, 312th Engineers, 87th Division, Mar. 191, pages 1-2.

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