Chimney Sweeps, 1822, Job Description

It is their duty, once in every month, after giving two days' notice, to visit every house within the district for which they are respectively appointed, and cause to be swept each chimney in which tire is used ; and also to scrape the chimneys of newly built houses, and new chimneys erected to old houses.

A law of the Corporation authorizes the appointment by the Mayor, annually, of three persons, to be denominated Superintendents of Chimney Sweepers, who are required to give bond to the amount of five hundred dollars, each, conditioned for the faithful execution of the duties prescribed by law.

In case any superintendent neglects to perform this duty, he is liable to a fine of five dollars. They are required to keep a book and enter therein the names of the several owners or occupiers of houses whose chimneys have been swept, the names of such as have refused to permit him to sweep, and the number of flues which he has swept in each house, a copy of which is to be deposited with the Register on the first Monday in each month. Their compensation is ten cents per story, for each flue swept.

"Corporation Officers," The Washington Directory showing the Name, Occupation, and Residence, of each Head of a Family and Person in Business, Washington, D. C., December, 1822, page 109.

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