Central New England Railway Company, 1905, History

Name of common carrier making this report: Central New England Railway Company.

Date of organization: January 12, 1899.

Under laws of what Government, State, or Territory organized: General Railroad Laws of the State of New York.

If a consolidated company, name the constituent companies: The Central New England Railway Company is the successor, through reorganization after foreclosure, of the Philadelphia, Reading and New England Railroad. Judgment of foreclosure and sale, June 27, 1898. Purchase by reorganization committee, October 6, 1898. Certificate of incorporation, January 12, 1899.

The Philadelphia, Reading and New England Railroad Company was organized August 1, 1892, and was a merger of the Poughkeepsie Bridge Company, incorporated in New York May 31, 1871, and the Central New England and Western Railroad Company, formed July 22, 1889, by consolidation of the Hudson Connecting Railroad Company and the Poughkeepsie and Connecticut Railroad Company, date July 22, 1889, and August 1, 1892.

Date and authority for each consolidation: July 22, 1889, and August 1, 1892. Railroad Incorporation Laws of the State of New York.


Names of Directors. Post-office Address. Date of Expiration of Term.

Charles S. Mellen, New Haven, Conn. November 4, 1905.
J. Pierpont Morgan, New York City, N. Y. " "
Geo. Macculloch Miller, " " " " "
Edwin Milner, Moosup, Conn. " "
George J. Brush, New Haven, Conn. " "
William Skinner, Holyoke, Mass. " "
D. Newton Barney, Farmington, Conn. " "
William Rockefeller, New York City, N. Y. " "
Frank W. Cheney, South Manchester, Conn. " "
H. McKay Twombley, New York City, N. Y. " "
Chester W. Chapin, " " " " "

Total number of stockholders at date of last election: Common, 45; preferred, 211.

Date of last meeting of stockholders for election of directors: November 2, 1904.

Post-office address of general office: New Haven, Conn.

Post-office address of operating office: Hartford, Conn.

Name and address of officer to whom correspondence regarding this report should be addressed: Robert T. Bird, Auditor, Hartford, Conn.


Title. Name. Location of Office.

President, Charles S. Mullen, New Haven, Conn.
Vice-President, Edwin Milner, Moosup, Conn.
Secretary, J. G. Parker, New Haven, Conn.
Treasurer, A. S. May,
Attorney, E. G. Buckland, " "
Auditor, Robert T. Bird, Hartford, Conn.
General Manager, Leverett S. Miller, " "
Chief Engineer, W. B. Chapin,
Superintendent, J. F. Hedden, " "
General Freight Agent, W. H. Seeley, " "
General Passenger Agent, W. H. Seeley, " "

A controlling interest in the capital stock and general mortgage bonds of the Central New England Eailway Company is owned by the New York, New Haven & Hartford Eailroad Company, but this road is not leased to or operated by that company. This company operates its own road.

1. 53d Annual Report of the Railroad Commissioners to which are added Statistical Tables compiled from the Annual Reports of the Steam Railroad Companies of the State for the Year Ending June 30, and of the Street Railway Companies for the Same Period. 1905, page 139-140.

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