Burglary Spree of Charles Clark and Ed. L. Gray Ended, June 1926

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In Los Angeles, two men, always seen together, were taken into custody on suspicion. When they had been finger printed, they proved to be Charles Clark and Ed. L. Gray, they were accused of more than fifty specific burglaries.

Their finger prints had been found in Stockton, Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno, Salinas, Gonzalez, Valley Springs, Porterville, Riverside, Salma and Woodlake, California. Post office safes at Elk Grove, Cressey, Salida, Alma, Woodlake and Valley Springs bore their finger prints. Clark and Gray were turned over to federal authorities for prosecution.

1. "Finger Prints Link Couple with Fifty Burglaries", Finger Print and Identification Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 12, June 1926, page 8.

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