British Schools and Universities Club 1921 War Memorial Tablet

War Memorial Tablet, Unveiled on Empire Day, May 24, 1921 by The Right Hon. Sir Auckland C. Geddes, K. C. B., Her Britannic Majesty's Ambassador to the United States.

Image of Tablet

Pro Patria
Andrew Adam
Archibald Anderson
Cyril K. F. Andrewes
Ian Hey Beith
Clifford S. Brison
Henry F. Bultitude
Leslie C. Burgess
Even Charles D. Cameron
Clifford Nickels Carver
John A. Cooper
Basil S. Courtney
James Cresswell
Alexander O. Cushny
Glyn Davies
A. Morris Dixon
John Drynan
Arthur Radcliffe Dugmore
William A. Fraser
R. Arthur Fulton
Herbert R. Furse
Frederick A. De L. Gascoigne
Robert B. Gentles
Basil M. Graham
A. B. Grant
M. H. Harrington
W. L. Stower Hewett
Frederic Hudd
William R. Jackson
Cecil A. Johnson
Charles Johnston
Percy H. Kells
Foster Kennedy
A. H. Kerr
Robert C. Kinniburgh
Jerome M. Lynch
Dougall McCallum
Ellis McDonald
Donald T. McPhail
John J. MacPhee
Duncan MacPherson
J. Christopher Marks, Jr.
Herbert S. Middlemiss
Ernest G. Odell
Cecil B. Ponsonby
Stanley S. Rackowe
John B. Rae
Charles B. Schiff
Robert H. Sheffield
Lloyd P. Smellie
C. Raynor Smith
Kenneth L. Street
Peter David Thomas
Arthur C. Thompson
John Trickett
Robert C. Wann
C. S. Waller Watson
George A. Wotherspoon
Stanley Barker
E. Farrar Bateson
Charles F. Baumann
Andrew Baxter, Jr.
John A. Bennett
Leslie A. Bennett
Ernest Buckley
Bertram C. Bucknall
Gerge Stafford Bucknall
Kenneth H. Chalmers
F. Harold Courtney
Richard Darrell Darrell
Frank Demercado
Adrian J. Dolphin
William R. Dolphin
William M. B. Freeman
Douglas H. Frost
Harry T. Frost
Leon C. Frost
Harold J. Gane
Richard Sidney Gough
William R. Gough
Lionel Mitford Graham
Edward R. Graves
George E. Hayunga, Jr.
Ruper de Armond Hughes
A. L. Gordon Hunter
Cyril Bathurst Judge
Frederick Basil Judge
Hubert Arthur Judge
Ivor F. Llewellyn Kenway
H. R. Kerr
Charles H. Lake
Charles O. Lawes
Ernest Frederick Lawes, Jr.
Robert C. Lawes
W. Bruce MacBean
David L. MacDonald
G. E. Stewart McLeod
Jocelyn G. Marks
Hugh M. Matheson
Malcolm Matheson
James Charles Michell
Thomas Niven Moir
Charles Harold A. Mott
William Frater Munro
William R. Nicholson
John H. Pratt, Jr.
Maurice Bertram Riley
John Collier Rowe
Lloyd B. Sanderson, Jr.
Robert Munro Sanderson
Guy L. Short
Hugh S. Taylor
Kenneth P. D. Thomas
Albert M. Thorne
Stewart Power Trench
Louis W. Vidler
Norman S. Walker, Jr.
T. Norris West
John Joyce Whitmore
R. M. Stuart Wortley, Jr.
Mortui In Armis
Eric Clive Graham
R. M. Tower Peterson
Archer R. R. Trench
Randolph St. George Walker, Jr.
1. "War Memorial Tablet", The British Schools and Universities Club of New York, Inc., 1921, Pages 2-3.

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