Boston & Maine Railroad Relief Association, 1900, Historical Sketch

This Association, in its present form, was organized March 11, 1885, in the Station Agent's Office, Eastern Division, Boston, for the purpose of aiding its members in cases of sickness or other disability, and their families in case of death. With a Charter List of about eighty, a meeting was held on the above date, a set. of By-Laws adopted, and the following officers elected :

President - Daniel W. Sanborn.

Vice-President - Augustus Colby.

Board of Directors-Charles E. Armitage, George E. Mudgett, Arthur Pickering, A. A. Howe, A. A. Ingalls, E. E. Foye, James Kennedy, John Bennett and O. E. Russ.

On March 11, 1900, the Association will have completed fifteen years of useful work, shown by the following figures : Up to December 15, 1899, we have settled 188 death claims, amounting to $186,000, and have paid 4,951 disability claims, amounting to $79,456.

With no organized effort toward increasing its membership, the Association has grown of itself, so to speak, by reason of its manifest usefulness and fairness, to about 1,550 members.

That it is an organization worthy the attention and patronage of alt, employees, regardless of position, is shown by referring to its list of members, wherein are found the names of William J. Hobbs, General Auditor: Dana J. Flanders, General Passenger and Ticket Agent; Charles H. Nowell, Paymaster; Daniel W. Sanborn, General Superintendent; William Merritt, Superintendent Western Division ; Winslow T. Perkins, Superintendent Eastern Division, and many others holding positions of trust and responsibility. The first three mentioned are Trustees of the Permanent Fund of the Association.

In addition to the list of members shown elsewhere in this book, we have a small honorary list as follows: Hon. John W. Sanborn, Amos Blanchard, E. A. Smith, J. C. Robinson, H. Bissell, and Hon. Frank Jones.

As will be seen by referring to the annual report, the Association is in better standing in every way than it ever has been before, and it remains with the members, individually, to keep it prosperous and healthy by taking an interest in its welfare, soliciting the applications for membership of those employees with whom they are brought in contact, and rendering prompt and efficient assistance to its officers whenever an opportunity presents itself.

1. "A Brief History of the Boston & Maine Railroad Relief Association", Official Boston & Maine Railroad Relief Association Hand Book, 1900, page 21.

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