Birth Offering Series

A series of childrens' books published by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is presently known as the Community of Christ. These books included an appendix of the names of those whose birth offerings contributed to the publication of the perspective volume.

Number 1, The Silver Thimble by Callie B. Stevens.

Number 2, The Happiest Christmas by Mary J. Garner and Callie B. Stebbins.

Number 3, The Gospel Story by Frances.

Number 4, Book of Morman Talks by Orion.

Number 5, Footsteps of Jesus by Hester S. E. Young.

Number 6, Sadie and Her Pets, and Other Stories by Pebble.

Number 7, Object-Lessons on Temperance; or, the Indian Maiden and Her White Deer by Francis.

Number 8, Talks about Joseph Smith by Orion.

Number 9, His First Venture and The Sequel by Estella Wight.

Number 10, A brief sketch of the life and death of Joan of Arc, the maid of Orleans by Marrietta Walker, Saint Jeanne d'Arc.

Number 11, Jummy Umphrey by Marcella Schenk.

Number 12, ?

Number 13, ?

Number 14, Mr. Saucy at the Zoo And Other Stories by Marcella Schenck.

If you have any information regarding numbers 12 and 13 and/or if there were additional books, please contact us. The names from these appendices will be included in our Subscription Data collection.

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