Bert Brown's Saxophone Girls, 1922, Photograph

A classy act playing vaudeville from coast to coast, is fully fitted out with the Conn Saxophones in gold finish. Mr. Brown is a "deep dyed in the wool" Conn advocate for, as he has said, the Conn instruments mean much to his success in his business.

Image of Bert Brown's Saxophone Girls

"The new Melody in the Special Artist finish just received and I want to say it is the most beautiful and perfect instruments I have ever seen. I am simply overwhelmed to note its perfection in every detail. Great tone, perfect in tune, wonderful mechanism and a finish beyond description. You deserve the entire profession's praise for such fine work." - Sincerely yours, BERT BROWN

1. C. C. Conn Ltd. Musical Truth, Vol. XI, No. 30, Elkhart, Ind., May, 1922, page 21.

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