Bell, Wesley, 1894, Obituary

Wesley Kendall Bell, died at Ipswich, 8 Jan., 1894. He was born in Albany, Maine, 10 Aug., 1825. He was one of a large family of brothers and sisters.

He was educated in Wilbraham Academy, and in 1850, located in Ipswich and began his life of eminent usefulness in what is now the Dennison Grammar School, where he remained till 1868, a period of eighteen years. leaving the school, he was made Internal Revenue Collector, and soon thereafter a trial-justice, an appointment which he exercised for twenty-one or more years, and which, though not bred to the law, he discharged with fidelity and good judgment. He represented his district in the Legislature in 1870. Except one year, he served upon the school board of his town from 1809 till his death. He was town-clerk of Ipswich twenty-three years, 1865-88, a duty, honorous and exacting, yet he gave a satisfactory and gentlemanly service. His business was real estate and insurance He was located in Caldwell Block, and occupied the same room for twenty-five years. Soon after locating in Ipswich, he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, and was one of the pillars then; for many years; he. was a trustee at the time of his death. He was a member of Aga-wam Lodge of Odd Follows for many years and for several years a member of Naumkeag Encampment in Salem. He married 21 November, 1863, Kate Broderick Noyes, who died 21 April, 1892. They leave no children.

Mr. Bell was an efficient man wherever he served. His business was done with promptness and accuracy. He was liked by the pupils of all the schools; his business friends were numerous; and he had a host of social friends. Everybody liked "Judge Bell." He understood the eternal fitness of things, planted himself upon the righteous side of whatever cause he espoused, and defended his position with no mean ability. He was generous, warmhearted and a lasting friend. His life was full of labor and good deeds.

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1. Essex-County Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. 1, No. 2, February, 1894, page 30-31.

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