Baldwin, Matthias, 1916, Business Profile

BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS: Broad and Spring Garden Streets. Matthias W. Baldwin, an ingenious young engraver and machinist, constructed a miniature locomotive which was operated at the museum of Mr. Franklin Peale, at Ninth and George Streets, in April, 1831. It hauled two cars, carrying four passengers. In the following year he built, at his shop in Lodge Alley, west of Seventh Street, the "Old Ironsides" engine, which was first used upon the Germantown railroad on November 23, 1832. The public' was informed by advertisement that the engine was used only in fair weather. Five other locomotives were completed in 1834. Then Mr. Baldwin removed to Broad and Spring Garden Streets. From this small beginning, the present vast business has been built up. The plant now covers nine city squares, in addition to which a large establishment is operated at Eddystone, upon the Delaware River. The personnel of the firm has changed a number of times. At present, 12,000 men are employed. In 1915, 869 locomotives were built.
1. Poor Richard's Dictionary of Philadelphia, 1916, page 33.

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