Baker Memorial Church Historical Sketch

Baker Memorial Church was organized on October 30th, 1874 by-Presiding Elder. Theodore L. Flood, in response to a request from 100 members of the First Church who believed the best interests of a growing Methodism could be served best with two societies instead of one. The church was named for Bishop Osmon C. Baker, a native of New Hampshire and a member of the New Hampshire Annual Conference.

The first service was held in Phoenix Hall on November 30th, 1874, the young theologue, Morris W. Prince in the pulpit.

An attractive little chapel was built on Warren Street, and in January, 1876, a chapel on Green Street was offered by Theodore H. Ford, Esq., and all the services of the church were immediately transferred to that house. In 1876, a chapel was built, and in 1894 the present edifice was built under the direction of G. M. Curl. During the pastorate of R. H. Huse. the entire plant was modernized by the addition of various rooms for educational purposes.

The church has grown gradually to its present position of effective Christian leadership in this community. This has been accomplished by a spirit of devotion and loyalty which has characterized the congregation and which continues to this day.

1. "Historical Sketch", Directory of Baker Memorial Church, 1929, Concord, New Hampshire, Page 4.

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