Appalachian Mountain Club, 1890, Historical Sketch

This Club was organized in January, 1876, and in April, 1878, was re-organized, and chartered as a Corporation by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Its object is to bring together, for co-operation, all those interested in the mountains of New England and adjacent regions; and, in so doing, it aims to serve a threefold purpose : first, to combine the energies of all who are interested in efforts to render our mountain-resorts more attractive by building paths, camps, and other conveniences, constructing and publishing accurate maps, and by collecting all available information concerning the mountain-regions; second, to collect and make available the results of scattered scientific observations of all kinds, which, though of little value each by itself, yet, when brought together, may be of great use ; third, in the accomplishment of these ends, to be a source of pleasure and profit to its members by affording a ground on which they may meet, to compare notes, and interchange ideas on subjects in which all are interested.

As means to these ends, the Club holds monthly meetings for the transaction of business, and the presentation and discussion of papers, as well as an annual social reception in Boston during the winter, occasional field-meetings during the summer, and, incidentally, organizes excursions to accessible points of interest. It also publishes papers read at its meetings, and other matter, in the form of a magazine, entitled Appalachia, and is accumulating a library for the use of its members.

In short, the Club may be considered the representative, in this part of the country, of the interests of all lovers of the mountains; and it is hoped, that, in time, it may make such substantial contributions to the various departments of geography as will entitle it also to recognition as a representative of general geographical science.

NOTE: By the courtesy of the Corporation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the use of a lecture-room of their building has been granted to the Club for its meetings since its organization in 1876.

1. "Appalachian Mountain Club", Register of the Appalachian Mountain Club for 1890, Boston, pages 3-4.

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