Albuquerque and Cerrillos Coal Company, 1930, Overview

The mines at Madrid are operated by the Albuquerque & Cerrillos Coal Company, G. A. Kaseman, Albuquerque, N. M., is the owner and general manager of the company and O. Huber, Madrid N. M. is the general superintendent in charge of the operations.


The principal anthracite mine is opened by a slope on 20 degree pitch, 5,000 feet long. Levels are turned off the slope on the strike of the seam. Double planes are driven to the dip off the levels and rooms turned off each dip. Electric hoists are placed at the top of each pair of dip entries. These hoists deliver empty cars to the mouth of the rooms and when cars are loaded hoists the loads and deliver them to the main hoist rope which takes them to the surface. The company has a central power plant which supplies electric current to the mines to drive the fan, hoists, mining machines and pumps.

The mine is ventilated by a Jeffrey fan 6 feet in diameter and running at a speed of 400 r.p.m. producing a water gauge of 3.3" and is circulating 85,000 cubic feet of air per minute. Closed lights are used in the mine. The miners use the Edison electric cap lamp and the Wolff flame lamp is used by fire bosses and other company men in testing for gas. No open lights are premitted in the mine. Five Sullivan mining machines are used in the mine. 21,010 pounds monobel powder was used during the year.

The mine worked 256 days during the year with a daily average of 65 miners and 24 day men in the mine and 40 men and 10 boys on top. The production was 57,365 tons of coal. The machines cut 11,043 tons. Used in operating the mines, 4,729 tons. Tons sold, 55,074. Approximate value of coal sold, $370,395.00. Marketed in Kansas. Nebraska, Texas, New Mexico and California.

JONES MINEóbituminous

This mine is opened on the Cook and White seam and is worked on the same plan described for the anthracite mine. The mine worked 275 days with a daily average of 92 miners and 19 day men in the mine and 10 men and 8 boys on top. The production for the year was 78,526 tons of coal. Machines cut 32,650 tons. The power plant used 4,730 tons and 66.931 tons were marketed in Texas, Mexico, New Mexico, and Arizona. Approximate value of coal sold, $220,382. 21,014 pounds monobel powder used in the mine during the year.


This is a new mine being opened up in the Cook and White seam.

The mine is opened by double entries driven 10 feet wide and 6 feet high. Cross entries are driven off the entries on each side and are driven nearly on the strike of the seam. Planes are driven to the dip as described in the account of the anthracite mine. In this mine overcasts are built at each pair of cross entries with the idea in view that when the mine begins to produce coal from the rooms that each pair of entries will have a separate split of fresh air from the outside and after passing through the workings will be returned through an overcast to the main return air course and carried to the outside.

Thus far only coal from development work has been mined and the mine has been ventilated by a temporary fan. At the present time installation of a Jeffrey fan with a capacity of 100,000 cubic feet of air per minute is under way and it is expected that the installation will be completed by December 1.

19,232 tons of coal were mined during the year. 16,733 tons marketed in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and Mexico. 21,015 pounds of powder are reported as being used. If this report is correct it shows that more than a pound of powder was required to produce a ton of coal.

1. "ALBUQUERQUE & CERRILLOS COAL CO.", Nineteenth Annual Report of the State Inspector of Coal Mines to the Governor of New Mexico, New Mexico, 1930, Pages 52-53.

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