Aladdin Temple, 1904, Historical Sketch

The founders of the history of the Shrine in Columbus, can be traced to Nobles R. R. Rickly and Clark D. Higgins, the first to receive the order in this city.

Others afterwards received the order. They were all members of (our Mother Temple) Syrian of Cincinnati, O.

Noble R. R. Rickly issued a call for a meeting of the Nobles in Columbus to organize a club of Shriners and in reply to said call, on the evening of Dec. 7, 1887, the following Nobles met in the office of the Capital City Bank with R. R. Rickly, Chairman, and W. E. Joseph, Secretary: R. R. Rickly, Jno. P. McCune, C. D. Higgins, C. S. Ammel, R. M. Gilbert, S. H. Barrett, W. E. Carpenter, E. N. Hatcher, J. C. Fenimore, Chas. Huston, Peter Sells, F. E. Drake, Henry Kauffman, W. E. Joseph.

The object of the meeting was stated by Noble Rickly, and Columbus Club of Syrian Temple N. M. S. was organized, and the following officers of the Club were elected: R. R. Rickly, President; C. D. Higgins, Vice President; W. E. Carpenter, Treasurer; W. E. Joseph, Secretary.

"The object of this Club shall be the cultivation of the social virtues of its members and their families and the prevention of the intrusion of any profane unless they shall possess the qualities of head and heart which stamp them as gentlemen."

With the above object in view the interest of the Shrine grew from day to day. A great many very pleasant social events were indulged in by our Club.

At a meeting of the Club held May 9, 1893, it was unanimously agreed that the Nobles of Columbus ask for a dispensation for a new Temple to be known as Aladdin Temple, and at this meeting it was unanimously agreed that Noble Jno. P. McCune should be named as the Potentate under said dispensation.

Ninety-two Nobles petitioned the Imperial Council and at the Annual Session of said Council held June 14, 1893, a dispensation was granted. On January 16, 1894, the first meeting of Aladdin Temple under dispensation was held.

The Temple with a charter list of ninety-two, during the year of dispensation admitted one hundred and ninety-two and four by affiliation, making a total of two hundred and eighty-eight. That year one Noble dimitted and two died, leaving a membership of two hundred and eighty-five.

At the meeting of the Imperial Council held on July 25,1894, a charter was granted. On Sept. 15, 1894, the first session under the charter was held. At this session the same officers were elected as were appointed under the dispensation.

The growth of Aladdin Temple has been one to be proud of.

1. "Historical," Historical Sketch, By-Laws, Officers and Members, Aladdin Temple A. A. O. N. M. S., Columbus, Ohio, 1904, page 3-6.

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