A Central Eskimo tribe on the N. shores of Hudson bay from Chesterfield inlet to Fox channel, amoung whom Rae sojourned in 1846047, C. F. Hall in 1864-69, and Schwatka in 1877-70. They kill deer, muskoxen, seal, walrus, trout, and salmon, caching a part of the meat and blubber, which before winter they bring to one of their central settlements. Their chief villages are Akudlit, Avilik, Iglulik, Maluksilak, Nuvung, Pikuliak, Ugluriak, Ukusiksalik, summer villages are Inugsulik, Kariak, Naujan, Pitiktanjang. -- Boas in 6th Rep. B. A. E., 445, 1888.

Source: Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, Frederick Webb Hodge, 1907.

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