A tribe associated with the Eno and Shakori in North Carolina in 1701. Mooney (Bull. 22, B. A. E., 1894) says: "It is doubtful if they, at least the Eno and Shoccoree, were of Siouan stock, as they seem to have differed in physique and habit from their neighbors; but as nothing is left of their language, and as their alliances were all with Siouan tribes, they can not well be discriminated." There is but a single mention of the Adshusheer. Lawson (1701) tells of "the Shoccorie Indians, mixed with the Enoe and those of the nation od Adshusheer, ruled by Enoe Will, a Shocorrie," the latter residing at Adshusheer, 14 m. from Achonechy, and ruling as far w. as Haw, or Reatkin, r. (Hist. Carolina, 96, 97, 1860). The village of the 3 tribes was called Adshusheer, which Mooney locates near the present town of Hillsboro, Durham co., N. C. Nothing is known of their subsequent history. The Adshusheer were probably absorbed by one of the tribes which they were associated. (C. T.)

Source: Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, Frederick Webb Hodge, 1907.

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