A tribe or subtribe which Capt. John Smith (Virginia, 1, 118, 1629; Arber ed., 53, 1884) locates on teh w. bank of Patuxent r., St. Mary's co., Md. They were near to and in friendship with the Patuxent and Matapanient, the 3 tribes numbering 200 warriors. The principal village boe the tribal name and is supposed by Bozman to have been situated at the mouth of a small creek about 2 1/2 miles above Cole's inspection house. Smith describes them as "the most civill to give entertainment." Although this people had there werowance, or chief, it is doubtful whether they formed a distinct tribe; it is not impossible that they were a band or division of the Patuxent. A number of local names mentioned by early writers as those of Indian tribes of Maryland subsequently dropped from notice without indication of the extinction of the people, very likely because subsequent and more correct information showed that these referred merely to divisions of well-known tribes. (J. M., C. T.)

Source: Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, Frederick Webb Hodge, 1907.

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