A Short History of the First Baptist Church of Salina

By Dr. M. H. Alderson

FORT SUMPTER had fallen and a war had swept over our country, spreading destruction and misery every where, breaking up homes, sending forth widows and orphans by thousands; but peace spread its pinions over the land, and hope and courage were taking new life.

Desolate homes were being reconstructed, and many were looking to the future theatre of life. Leaving the old homes and pressing toward the West to build up new homes, which should not forever remind them of the sorrow of the past. Under these circumstances many people were locating in Kansas, at which time, Salina was but a small town, still it had its place in the public eye, and afforded much to the emigrant from the east. Among other classes, members of eastern churches had come here to make their homes, with whom were a number of Baptists, and it is to this class that I now call your attention.

In the years of 1866, '67 and '68, the number increased, and as of old, they sought those of their own company. Soon a voice spoke out in their midst. "Whom shall we send and who will go for us"? The ready response, "Here am I send me." Preparatory to this it was necessary that an organization should be affected.

Accordingly, on January 23rd 1868, a number of Baptist brethern met together at the home of Isabel Flanders for the purpose of taking steps toward this organization. After conference and prayer it was decided that all should send back to their old home churches for letters of dismission.

1. "A Short History of the First Baptist Church of Salina", Manual of Information and Directory of the First Baptist Church, Salina, Kansas, 1915, Cross Printing Co., Page 11.

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