A Brief Historical Sketch of Highland Park Presbyterian Church

ON THE evening of May 15, 1871, twenty people met at the home now listed as 346 Central Avenue, to decide on the type of Protestant Church they would unite in founding in Highland Park. It was agreed that those present could cast votes for the members of their families detained at home and that the choice of the majority would receive the hearty support of all. Twenty-four votes were cast, sixteen for a Presbyterian Church, five for a Congregational and three for an Episcopalian. On May 26, 1871, the same group met at the home now indicated by 332 Linden Park Place to elect elders and trustees.

The formal organization of our Church took place on Friday evening, June 2, 1871, in Central Hall (a site now occupied by the Highland Park State Bank). There were thirty-three charter members of whom two survive at this time, in both instances having lived away from Highland Park for very many years.

For the first three years, the membership worshipped in Central Hall, erecting and accupying their first building in 1874. This building served for thirty-seven years. In 1912, the present building was dedicated. In 1900, the manse was erected. In 1918, the front sleeping-porch was added. In 1923, the addition on the west side of the manse was built and considerable improvement made in its upstairs interior.

There have been nine pastors of The Highland Park-Presbyterian Church: Rev. F. L. Hurd. D.D., 1872-1877; Rev. K. J. Bissell, 1878-1880; Rev. I. B. L. Soule, D. D. 1880-1886: Rev. Henry Neill, 1886-1895; Rev. Samuel M. Johnson, Ph.D.. 1895-1897; Rev. A. A. Pfanstiehl, D.D., 1897-1907; Rev. C. P. Goodson, 1908-1910: Rev. R C. Dobson. D.D., 1910-1917; Rev. Frank Fitt, 1918.

1. "Brief Historical Sketch", Year Book and Church Directory of Highland Park Presbyterian Church, Highland Park, Illinois, 1929, Page 3.
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