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This family history "content wiki" includes original documents, photographs and public domain materials of interest to genealogists, along with explanations of genealogical terminology. While genealogists often focus on their ever-growing collection of names, dates and places; it's the stories and pictures of our ancestors' pasts that can really bring the research "to life."

Recent Additions
  • Reynolds, C. L., Undated, Policital Campaign Card
  • Casto, E. P., 1926, Political Campaign Card
  • Fisher, V. L., 1932, Political Campaign Card
  • Lakeview School, Collinwood, Ohio, March 4, 1908, 175 Killed
  • Parochial School, Peabody, Mass., Oct. 28, 1915, 22 Killed
  • Barnhart, Forrest, 1926, Political Campaign Card
  • Jarrett, Denzel, 1930, Political Campaign Card
  • Hersman, M. Edward, Undated, Political Campaign Card
  • Cleveland School, Camden, S. C., May 17, 1923, 77 Killed
  • Development School, Playa del Rey, Calif., May 31,1924, 24 Killed
  • McClain, E. W., Undated, Political Campaign Card
  • Casto, B. Cleo, Undated, Political Campaign Card
  • Bachtel, John, 1932, Political Campaign Card
  • Rural School, Babbs Switch, Okla., Dec. 24, 1924, 36 Killed
  • Beauval Mission School, Sept. 19, 1927, 20 Killed
  • Isley, Blythe, 1950, Political Campaign Card
  • Tolley, E. C., 1932, Political Campaign Card
  • Posey, Leon, 1950, Political Campaign Card
  • Sacred Heart College, St. Hyacinthe, Que., Jan. 18, 1938, 46 Killed
  • School, New London, Texas, March 18, 1937, 294 Killed
  • Swavel, Paul, Undated, Political Campaign Card
  • Tomlinson, Allen, 1930, Political Campaign Card
  • Kinkel, Arthur, Undated, Political Campaign Card
  • De Groot, Grace, Undated, Political Campaign Card

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