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A genealogy gift is something that is given from one person to another which relates in some way to genealogy, one's family, heritage, or history. It may be a gift to a genealogist or family historian, or simply a personal gift to a family member or friend. For those interested in genealogy, such a gift could be anything that is of interest to or used by genealogists such as a favored book, a magazine or web site subscription, or even supplies. For the non-genealogist, a genealogy gift could be anything of a genealogical nature such as a Book of Remembrance (which includes a family pedigree chart, individual family group record, personal histories, photos, etc.), a completed family history or genealogy, the diary or journal of an ancestor. A genealogy gift may be a commercial product, a meaningful family treasure, or something created such as a scrapbook. The Genealogy Today Marketplace provides numerous examples and has a great selection of genealogy gifts.

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