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The term "genealogy form" can apply to a wide range of tools used to aid genealogy researchers and family historians. The two most commonly used genealogy forms are the pedigree chart and family group record. The pedigree chart provides an overview of one's lineage, several generations back, while the family group record provides detailed information on an individual family. These two forms, although there may be variations across publishers, the basic format remains the same. Other genealogy forms, however, may vary widely in their presentation. Such forms include family tree charts, research logs and calendars, correspondence logs, etc. The purpose of these forms is to help researchers organize and manage their work.

Genealogy research is a complex of numerous tasks, findings, and documents. The right form for the right task, faithfully maintained and organized in a logical fashion can save considerable time both in accessing information and in avoiding a duplication of effort. Many types of genealogy forms with advice of using them are available from a variety of published sources, in books and online. Illustrative and decorative family trees and charts are also widely available to aid researchers in presenting and preserving their genealogy.

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