Worcester Calvinist Church, 1877, Historical Sketch

This church was organized by an ecclesiastical council, called for the purpose, by David Richards, Rebecca Richards, William McFarland, Azor Phelps, William Paine, Samuel Taylor, Benjamin Goddard, Jonas Parker, Peter Rice and Susanna Blackman.

The council was held on the sixteenth of August, 1820, and after due deliberation, by a unanimous vote, they approved the above mentioned individuals "being constituted a Tegular church of Christ, under the name of the Calvinist Church in Worcester."

The Moderator of the council was Rev. Nathaniel Emmons, D. D., of Franklin, in this State, and Rev. Enoch Pond of Auburn, Mass., afterwards Professor in the Theological Seminary at Bangor, in the State of Maine, was Scribe.

The other clergymen acting in the council were Rev. Dr. Crane of Northbridge, Rev. Edmund Mills of Sutton, Rev. B. Wood of Upton, Rev. Elisha Fisk of Wrentham, and Rev. Sereno E. Dwight, of the Park Street Church, Boston.

It appears by the record that the church was organized and established as a separate church by the council on the following day, namely, August 17th, 1820.

The first pastor, Rev. Loammi Ives Hoadley, a graduate of Yale College in 1817, and of the Theological Seminary at Andover in 1820, was ordained October 15th, 1823. Mr. Hoadley was a native of Northford, in the State of Connecticut, and was born October 25th, 1790.

The second pastor, Rev. John Sebastian Cabot Abbott, was ordained January 28th, 1830. Mr. Abbott was born at Brunswick, in the State of Maine, September 18th, 1805. He graduated at Bow-doin College in 1825, and studied theology at the Seminary in Andover, and was graduated with the class of 1829.

The third pastor, succeeding Mr. Abbott in less than six months, was Rev. David Peabody. He was born at Topsfield, in this State, April 16th, 1805, graduated at Dartmouth College in 1828, and at the Seminary in Andover in 1831.

The fourth pastor, Rev. Seth Sweetser, D. D., a graduate of Harvard College in 1827, and of the Theological Seminary at Andover in 1834, was installed over the church December 19th, 1838.

1. "The Calvinist Church," Manual of the Calvinist Church, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1877, pages 3-6.

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