Wilson, Ellen Louise Axson, 1927, Biographical Sketch

THE DAUGHTER of a clergyman and the sister of a college professor, the first Mrs. Wilson temperamentally was more at home in the cloisterlike surroundings of an academic environment than in those of public life. In her administration of the White House, she was aided by her three daughters, Margaret W., Eleanor R., and Jessie W. Wilson, the last two of whom were married in the White House. The Wilsons had been in the White House only a little more than a year when Mrs. Wilson caught the heel of her shoe in the carpet and was thrown on her face. She seemed to be badly shaken and was forced to retire to her bed, from which she never arose again. Mrs. Wilson's death left the President a lonely, stricken figure, a stranger to all those outside of his family circle.
1. Brief Biographies of our Presidents and the First Ladies of the Land, 1927, American Weekly, Inc., page 28.

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