The Western School of Commerce, 1904, Brief Historical Sketch

The Western School of Commerce began its existence September 30, 1901, under the name of the Gas City Business College.

The proprietors, Messrs. J. R. Humphreys and T. H. Wollenbargar, believed that the public would gladly support a really modern commercial school. Con-sequently, the equipment of each department of the school was made the very best; modern and practical courses of study were adopted; methods'of instruction were based on twentieth century ideas.

This school was the first in the west to introduce the method of teaching bookkeeping and business, customs by business practice from the beginning; the first to introduce loose leaf systems of account-. ing into college work, thus training pupils in the use of the latest labor-saving devices; among the first to introduce modern checking systems now in use by big commercial firms, and the second to introduce card ledgers and card systems of indexing.

The result of modern methods and fair dealing with the public soon brought returns far beyond the expectations of the proprietors . Ninety-six pupils were enrolled the first year. The rapid increase in attendance made necessary the addition of another member to the faculty. Accordingly, Mr. H. W. Bessac was admitted as a partner and as a member of the faculty, June 1. 1902, and the name of the school was changed to Western School of Commerce. The second year's work was even more successful than the first, the enrollment for the second year being fifty per cent greater.

The school was incorporated Sept. 1, 1903, with J. R. Humphreys, president, and H. W. Bessac, secretary. All the stock is held by the members of the faculty.

The opening of the third year's work has been flattering in the extreme. At the present rate of increase the school will reach the limit of its present seating capacity before the end of the spring term The success of its graduates has been a special cause for congratulation to the school. There have been calls for the graduates of the school as rapidly as they finished their courses. The school has many reasons to be proud of its short but successful career.

1. "Brief Historical Sketch", Western School of Commerce, Stockton, California, 1903-04 Catalogue, page 3.
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