The Virginia Home Insurance Company, 1878, Article Reprint

This sterling corporation, now so widely known throughout this and adjacent States, was organized by a number of Richmond capitalists soon after the war. It was successful from the start, and has had a career of remarkable usefulness and prosperity. The personnel of the management carried an assurance of conservative and intelligent administration which commended it very strongly to the property owners and business men of this section, and the honorable business policy to which it has adhered in all its relations with the public, has given the company a very strong hold upon popular favor and confidence.

The Virginia Home does a general insurance business, but makes a specialty of residence property. This feature has led to a very safe distribution of risks, and added greatly to its popularity. The Company has a paid up capital of $200,000 and a healthy surplus fund. Its patronage extends to several Southern States, and it also carries risks in New York and Pennsylvania. The reputation it has established for the prompt payment of losses has contributed largely to increase its business, and its operations may be measured by the fact that in 1877 it did more insurance business in North Carolina than any other company represented there.

The Company owns a fine building at 1014 Main street, in which the offices are located, and which has proved a profitable investment. The President, Mr. D. J. Hartsook, has been for many years prominent in business and financial circles in Richmond, and is widely known throughout the South. The Secretary, Mr. B. C. Wherry, Jr., has been with the Company since its organization, and is the chief executive officer. Mr. Wherry, although still a young man, has established a most creditable reputation as an accomplished and conservative underwriter and a capable business manager. The affairs of the Company are in a most healthy and prosperous condition, giving every evidence of increasing confidence and popularity. --Baltimore American.

Mr. Wherry is one of the most successful underwriters in this section. The steady growth of the Company under his management is the best argument in support of this statement that can be made.

1. The Insurance Advocate, Vol. IX, No. 3, Richmond, VA., March, 1878, page 43.

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