The National Monument to the Forefathers Corner-Stone Contents, 1863, Article

In the under side of the corner-stone is a cavity, in which a leaden casket, eleven inches by seven and five inches in height, was placed by Dr. Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, of Boston, at the request of the Building Committee.

Upon its cover were the following words: --

in the corner-stone
of the
National Monument to the Forefathers,
The Pilgrim Society of Plymouth,
2d August, 1859.

Within the box were deposited, before the sealing of the cover, the following articles of interest, viz.: --

1. The plate, which measures 7 3/4 by 5 1/4 inches, bears the following inscription, engraved in very plain and legible letters, by Mr. E. W. Bouve :

The Corner-Stone
of the
National Monument to the Forefathers,
laid in presence of,
The Pilgrim Society of Plymouth,
by the
M. W. Grand Lodge of Freemasons, of Massachusetts,
M. W. John T. Heard, G. Master,
on the second day of August, A. D. 1859, A. L. 5859.
being in the two hundred and thirty-ninth year
since the first settlement of New England
by the Pilgrim Forefathers.

Richard Warren,
President of the Pilgrim Society;
Building Committee,
John H. Clifford, Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, Samuel Nicolson,
Charles G. Davis, William Thomas, Eleazer C. Sherman;

Hammatt Billings, Architect;
Willard M. Harding, Financial Agent.

James Buchanan, President of the United States.
Nathaniel P. Banks, Governor of Massachusetts.
William T. Davis, Chairman of Selectmen of Plymouth.

2. A description of the site for the monument, viz.: -- The site of the National Monument to the Forefathers, upon one of the most elevated eminences in the town of Plymouth, contains about eight acres of land. The central portion of this lot containing about two acres, upon which the foundation for the base of the Monument is laid,, was given to the Pilgrim Society by Benjamin Hathaway, Esq., of Plymouth, expressly for the purpose, it being deemed the most sightly anil appropriate position which, could be obtained.

3. An account of the corner-stone, and Legislative appropriations for alto reliefs.

4. Papers, diplomas, certificates, and circulars relating to the monument.

5. The Illustrated Pilgrim Almanac for the year 1860, published in aid of the monument fund.

6. The First Charter for a colony in Virginia and other parts and territories in America, 1606.

7. The Great Patent of New England in America, 1620, granted to the Council established at Plymouth, in the County of Devon, for the planting, ruling, ordering, and governing of New England in America.

8. The Charter of the colony of New Plymouth, in New England, in 1630, granted to William Bradford and his associates.

9. The social compact of the forefathers of the May-Flower, 1620.

10. The Declaration of Independence of the United Colonies of America, 1776.

11. The Constitution of the United States of America, 1787.

12. The Constitution or form of Government for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1780.

13. Metallic Copies of the Seals of the Colony of New Plymouth, of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, and of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

14. Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation. Edited by Charles Deane, Esq. 1856.

15. Printed Title-Pages to the Plymouth and Massachusetts Colony Records, edited by Nath'l B. Shurtleff.

16. Guide to Plymouth, and Recollections of the Pilgrims. By Wm. S. Russell. 1846.

17. Pilgrim Memorials, and Guide to Plymouth. By Wm. S. Russell. 1855. With a Map of the Village.

18. Map of the town of Plymouth. Printed in 1830.

19. Map of Cape Cod Bay, showing the way traversed by the Pilgrims in 1620, in sailing from Provincetown Harbor to Plymouth. Map showing the Boundaries of the Plymouth Colony, with points of interest marked. Plan of Plymouth, including bays, harbors and islands. By Charles Blaskowitz. Containing memoranda, and denoting remarkable points. Issued by William S. Russell.

20. Plymouth Directory, printed in 1851.

21. Annual Reports of the Town of Plymouth, for the financial year ending Feb. 1, 1859.

22. List of Town Officers of Plymouth, for the year 1859.

23. List of Officers of the Pilgrim Society of Plymouth, for the year 1859.

24. Diploma of Membership of the Pilgrim Society.

25. Old Colony Memorial, and Plymouth Rock, newspapers printed in Plymouth -- the last weekly issue of each containing information about the arrangements for laying the corner stones of the National Monument, and of the Canopy over Forefathers' Rock.

26. Printed copy of the Discourse delivered by Robert Cushman, at the "Common House" in Plymouth, in December, 1621.

27. Massachusetts State Register for the year 1859. By Adams, Sampson, & Co..

28. Manual for the Use of the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, for 1859. Prepared by S. N. Gifford and William Stowe.

29. Names of the Committee of Arrangements for laying the corner-stones of the National Monument and of the Canopy over the Rock.

30. A small portion of Forefathers' Rock.

31. Various printed matters.

1. "Laying of the Corner-Stone of the National Monument to the Forefathers," The Illustrated Pilgrim Memorial, 1863, page 33.

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