The Francis Perot's Sons Malting Company, 1916, Historical Sketch

This company was founded by Anthony Morris, 2d, in the year 1687. He was born in the city of London in 1654, and came to America in 1683. In 1687 he purchased a lot on Front Street below Walnut, Philadelphia, facing the Delaware River, and erected thereon a brewery and malthouse. He was the second Mayor of Philadelphia, and in 1705 he became Supreme Judge of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Anthony Morris, 3d, succeeded his father upon the latter's death in 1721. He had been apprenticed at fourteen years of age—as was the custom in those days—to another brewer, his father paying £20 for the privilege of his serving an apprenticeship of seven years.

In 1741 he purchased a large brick dwelling on the west side of Second Street, between Arch and Race, on the lot in the rear of which he later built a malthouse and brewery. He died in 1763.

In 1741 Anthony Morris, 3d, gave his son Anthony Morris, 4th, a half interest in the original old brewery on Front Street; butas this had been used for over fifty years, the latter purchased a lot at the corner of Dock and Pear Streets in 1745, and built a new and much larger establishment. He died October 2, 1780.

Anthony Morris, 5th, and Thomas Morris, both sons of Anthony Morris, 4th, conducted the malthouse and brewhouse situated in the rear of the large house their grandfather, Anthony Morris, 3d, had built on the west side of Second Street above Arch, which property ran back to Bread Street. Major Anthony Morris, 5th, was killed at the Battle of Princeton, July 3, 1777. When he joined the army, his brother, Thomas Morris, was left in entire charge of the business. Captain Samuel Morris, brother of Major Anthony Morris, took over the latter's interest in the business, but withdrew from the partnership about two years later. Captain Morris was the first commander of the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry, which served throughout the Revolution as bodyguard of General Washington.

Upon the death of Thomas Morris, in 1809, he was succeeded in business by his two sons, Thomas Morris, 2d, and Josephs. Morris. Upon the death of Joseph S. Morris, Thomas Morris, 2d, became the sole owner of the malthouse and brewery on North Second Street.

Francis Perot was apprenticed to Thomas Morris, 2d, and Joseph S. Morris, his father paying them $1000 for the privilege of his son's serving them five years without compensation. In 1818 he started in business on Vine Street above Third, afterward taking his brother, William S. Perot, into partnership. In 1823 he married Elizabeth M. Morris, daughter of Thomas Morris, 2d, his former employer, whose old business was finally turned into the new firm. In 1850 they discontinued brewing and turned their entire attention to malting. William S. Perot retired in 1868.

In 1869 Francis Perot took into partnership with him his son, T. Morris Perot, and his son-in-law, Edward H. Ogden, under the firm-name of Francis Perot's Sons. F. Perot Ogden, son of Edward H. Ogden, was a partner in the business for a number of years, but died in 1887 at the age of thirty-two years.

In 1887 the present company was incorporated, with T. Morris Perot, President; Edward H. Ogden, Vice-President;: Elliston Perot, Secretary, and Theodore F. Miller, Treasurer.

Upon the death of T. Morris Perot, in 1902, he was succeeded in the company by his son; and the officers of the company in 1915 who are descended from the I902 founders are T. Morris Perot, Jr., President, and Elliston Perot, Vice-President and Treasurer, representing the eighth generation in direct line of descent.

Finding that the old plants of the company were inadequate for the manufacture of malt of the best quality, and had not sufficient capacity to meet the demands of the trade, the company, in 1907, erected a large malthouse of brick, steel, and concrete at Buffalo, N. Y., having an annual capacity of 1,000,000 bushels, and has since disposed of its other plants at Philadelphia, Pa., and Oswego, N. Y.

1. "THE FRANCIS PEROT'S SONS MALTING COMPANY, Philadelphia," Association of Centenary Firms and Corporations of the United States, Second Issue, Philadelphia, 1916, pages 11-13.

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