Taunton Poultry Protective Association, 1931, Founder's Message

To the Members of Taunton Poultry Association:

In the year 1921, there was a lot of poultry stolen in and about Taunton. As I felt the need of co-operation in poultry affairs, I took it upon myself to call a meeting, and out of that meeting was born the Associaton that I have always been proud of.

I was enthusiastic in those days, but it was the co-operation and loyal support of the members, and the tower of strength that came from the Bristol County Agricultural School, that put the thing over. I think the meetings that mostly appealed to me, were those where the members brought their problems and received the mutual help and co-operation of the members in solving them.

I think our guiding star should continue to be what our name implies in its broadest sense —mutual protection. If we do that, the Association surely will prosper and I am sure that you will all strive to carry out that policy and that I shall continue to be proud of the Taunton Poultry Protective Association.


Our First President.

1. "To the Members of Taunton Poultry Protective Association", Taunton Poultry Protective Association Year Book, 1931, page 1.
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