St. Louis Rocky Mountain and Pacific Company, 1930, Overview

This company is the largest producer of coal in the state. Its mines are located at Koehler, Van Houten, Gardiner, Swastika, Brilliant and Sugarite. The mines at Koehler, and at Brilliant, have been closed since 1924, the other mines being able to produce more coal than the market demands.

The mines employed a daily average of 497 miners and 104 day men in the mines and 81 men on the outside. The total production for the year was 627,593 tons of coal. The coal was marketed in the states of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. The approximate value of coal sold is given as $1,865,860.14.

The mines are opened by drifts on the Raton seam and are worked on the room and pillar plan. The seam has an angle of dip 1 degree and dircetion of dip north 75 degrees west. The mines are all opened by double or triple entry, are ventilated by fans running as exhaust and each entry supplied with a separate split of air. All mines are rock dusted on the haulage roads and in the air courses and rock dust barriers erected on the main entries and also in the return air courses at the junction with the main return air course. The haulage roads are dusted on the sides and the track kept sprinkled with water. All stoppings and overcasts are built of concrete and the doors are fire proofed. Mules and locomotives are used for gathering the coal to the partings and electric locomotives are used to haul the coal from the main partings to the outside. At Van Houten and Swastika the locomotives deliver the coal to the tipples. At the mines at Sugarite and Gardiner the coal is dropped from the mines to the tipples by gravity planes. All the mines are worked with closed lights, no open light or matches are allowed to be carried inside the mines.

J. Van Houten, President, Raton, New Mexico.

Allan French, Manager of Mines, Raton, New Mexico.

1. "ST. LOUIS ROCKY MOUNTAIN AND PACIFIC COMPANY", Nineteenth Annual Report of the State Inspector of Coal Mines to the Governor of New Mexico, New Mexico, 1930, Page 14.

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