Newport Congregational Church, 1829, Historical Sketch

The Congregational Church in Newport, N. H. was gathered Oct. 28th, 1779 : at which time it consisted of eight males and nine females.

Soon after its formation, while yet destitute of a Pastor, it was blessed with a time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord, as the fruit of which, about 30 were added by profession.

Jan. 22d, 1783, Rev. John Remele was ordained pastor, and dismissed October, 11 th, 1791. During Mr. Reticle's ministry, additions to the Church were few, and those mostly by letter from other churches.

After being destitute of a pastor above four years, the Church and Society united in giving Rev. Abijah Wines a call, which he accepted. His ordination took place January 5th, 1796. During the ministry of Mr. Wines, the Church enjoyed two or three revivals of religion, the most extensive of which was in 1810. The number of hopeful converts added to the church, as the fruit of that revival, was about 140.

Nov. 26th, 1816, Mr. Wines thinking he might be more useful elsewhere, requested a dismission, which was granted, and his pastoral relation dissolved by a mutual council, on the 4th Doc. following.

After the dismission of Mr. Wines, the church was without a pastor about two years. Sept. 1st, 1818, the church gave to Rev. James R. Wheelock a call to become their pastor. This call he accepted, and was ordained Dec. 2d, 1818. Soon after the ordination of Mr. Wheelock an extensive revival of religion was experienced, by which the Church was increased by the addition of a-bo; it 140 new members.

Feb. 21, 1823, the pastoral relation of Mr. Wheelock was dissolved by a mutual Council.

Nov. 13th, 1823, a call was given Rev. John Woods, which he accepted, and was installed Jan. 28th, 1824,

The whole number of persons who have been received into this Church, as nearly as can be ascertained, is, 470; viz. 436 by profession, 34 by letter; 204 were males, 266 females; 82 have died, 108 been dismissed, 24 excommunicated ; 256 present number, of whom about 50 are "scattered a-bread."

1. "Sketch," Sketch of the History, Articles of Faith, Rules of Discipline, Form of Covenant, Catalogue of Members, and Extracts from the Records of the Congregational Church in Newport, N. H., 1829, pages 3-4.

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