Masonic Calendar, 1897

Rules for Masonic Dates.

ANCIENT Craft Masons commence their era with the creation of the world, calling it Anno Lucis (A. L.) "In the year of Light." Add 4000 years to common time, thus: 1897 plus 4000 = 5897.

ROYAL Arch Masons date from the year of the Second Temple, which was commenced by Zerubbabel. Anno Inventionis (A Inv.), "In the year of Discovery." Add 530 to the Vulgar era, thus: 1897 plus 530 = 2427.

ROYAL and Select .Masters date from the year in which the Temple of Solomon was completed. Anno Depositionis (A. Dep.) "In the year of the Deposit." Add 1000 years to common time, thus: 1897 plus 1000 = 2897.

KNIGHT TEMPLARS commence their era with the organization of their Order Anno Ordinis (A. O.) "In the year of the Order." From the Christian era take 1119, thus: 1119 from 1897 = 777.

1. "Masonic Calendar", Calendar and Roster of the Masonic Bodies Located at Tiffin, Fostoria and McCutchenville, Ohio, 1897, page 31.

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