Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, No. 13, 1900, Overview

The Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, No. 13, of Philadelphia, has been organized for twenty-three (23) years, being one of about one hundred similar organizations holding a charter granted by the National Association of Marine Engineers, and embraces in its membership two-thirds (2/3) of the Engineers of the United States.

This Association is in no way connected with any labor movement as it is forbidden by its Constitution from taking part in strikes ; it is wholly self-supporting, deriving its revenue from dues and death assessments. Its membership is composed exclusively of Licensed Engineers, and has many of the best Engineers sailing out of this port on its roll. Our rooms are furnished and open daily for the improvement and benefit of the Engineers in every possible way.

Our Library is equipped with all the Scientific knowledge that is necessary for any Engineer, and a great inducement against intemperance.

During the last twelve (12) years we have cared for the sick and the dead In sick benefits alone we have paid out a sum of over fourteen thousand ($ 14,000) dollars, and death benefits of five thousand six hundred ($5,600) dollars, and this Association has rendered assistance in many ways to all of its members that have been in distress. And on the same per capita we don't think this work can be excelled.

Our meeting rooms are known as the Engineers Exchange, where we meet in the evenings to transact business appertaining to the Association.

1. "To the Marine Engineers of this Port, Philadelphia, Feb. 12, 1900", Annual Directory of the Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association, No. 13, of Philadelphia, PA., 1900, pages 2-3.
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