Lumberton High School, 1896, History of the School

In 1889 the Trustees in order to build up an institution which should give the young people of Pearl River and of the neighboring counties the advantages of an academical education, founded the Lumberton High School, and selected Prof. A. L. Summer, a gentleman of fine character and experience as an educator, as principal who managed the school successfully for three years.

Profs. Summer and Yawn were then elected and worked together for two years, and were succeeded in turn by Prof. Summer, who remained principal for one year when Prof. J. A. Lewis was elected principal for the session of 1895-'96.

The Trustees recently elected Geo. H. Carpenter, Ph. P. (Univ. of N. C.) who will take charge of the school for 1896-'97.

The social and educational standing being of the very best, having been established for seven years and made a reputation for honest and thorough work, the intelligent parent can readily see that there will be no risk in sending his child to this place.

The school is located at Lumberton in Pearl River county, on the New Orleans & Northeastern railroad, eighty-three miles from New Orleans. Four passenger trains arrive and depart daily.

A more beautiful and suitable location for a school could not be found. The climate is delightful and the healthfulness excellent.

Lumberton is a growing and prosperous village of 1000 inhabitants, with two churches, Baptist and Methodist, in the town, at one of which there is preaching three Sunday's in each month. The Sunday school advantages are unexcelled. The school is surrounded by a highly re-lined. moral and religious community, who take great interest in education.

The school property is worth about $0,000. The school building is large and well ventilated, and capable of accommodating pupils. A large two-story Dormitory has been erected for the accommodation of boarding students.

1. "History of the School", Catalogue, Lumberton High School, Lumberton, Mississippi, 1895-96, page 7.
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