Life Association of America, 1878, Advertisement

Life Association of America. General Office - St. Louis, Mo. HENRY W. HOUGH, President. JOHN T. DOUGLAS, Vice President. W. C. KENNETT, 2nd Vice President. J. S. PIERCE, Secretary. J. D. HENRIQUEZ, Assistant Secretary. E. W. BRYANT, Actuary. FELIX COSTE, Treasurer. E. S. LEMOINE, Medical Officer. IRWIN Z. SMITH, Attorney.

Giving twenty-five per cent additional insurance for the first five years after the issue of the Policy, with dividends thereafter to apply in purchase of additional insurance, or in reduction of premium payable.

The Advance Dividend Plan, the Ton Year and Long Term plans of Insurance, with Accumulated Dividends, are offered by this Company only.

No other Company presents so many advantageous modes of Insurance.

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1. The Insurance Advocate, Vol. IX, No. 3, Richmond, VA., March, 1878, page 42.

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