Lawrence Academy

The Lawrence Academy was founded in 1793, originally called Groton Academy. It later changed its name in honor of the generous benefactors from the Lawrence family.

Lawrence Academy school building in 1908 One of the school buildings burned over graduation weekend, May 27, 1956. The fire went through the eighty-five-year old brick and wooden building (pictured) which was totally destroyed. The two copper-topped towers collapsed with the heat and pressure causing the remaining walls to fold.

Some examination papers were salvaged at the outset of the blaze, but the remaining school records, including most of the historical items that had been archived in the building, were lost.

Records Available Online

The Academy is located in the Nashoba Valley region, eight miles south of the New Hampshire border and thirty-five miles northwest of Boston. It's rolling, 100-acre campus, which features its share of maples and colonials as well as classical red brick buildings, is only a stone's throw from town hall, the post office and the bank.

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