Food Products Inspection Service, 1926, Designated Markets

United States Department of Agriculture. Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Government Inspection of Fruits and Vegetables in Receiving Markets

The Food Products Inspection Service is now available in the markets named below and at all points which can be conveniently reached from these points. Inspection offices are established only in the cities listed; if an inspection is desired in a smaller city not shown in the list, communicate with the inspection office nearest the point at which the inspection is desired.

Applications for inspections should be addressed by mail, telegraph, or telephone to Food Products Inspection, at the address given.


Atlanta - 1714 Citizens and Southern Bank Bldg.

Baltimore - 339 Custom House.

Boston - 724 Appraiser's Stores Bldg.

Buffalo - 240 Federal Bldg.

Chicago - 1425 South Racine Ave.

Cincinnati - 21-24 Fruit Exchange Bldg.

Cleveland - 423 Erie Bldg.

Columbus - State House Annex.

Denver - 329 Capitol Bldg.

Detroit - Room 6, 159-12th St.

Fort Worth - 1915 Farmers & Mechanics Bank Bldg.

Harrisburg - Capitol Bldg.

Houston - 314 First National Bank Bldg.

Indianapolis - 637 Meyer - Kiser Bank Bldg.

Kansas City, Mo. - 212 Railway Exchange Bldg.

Los Angeles - 206 Wholesale Terminal Bldg.

Memphis - 752 Randolph Bldg.

Milwaukee - 423 Federal Bldg.

Minneapolis - Room 3, Federal Office Bldg.

Newark - Care of Supt. New Center Market.

New Haven - 301 Federal Bldg.

New Orleans - 216 Post Office Bldg.

New York - 102 Warren St.

Norfolk - 300 Royster Bldg.

Omaha - 435 Keeline Bldg.

Philadelphia - 238 Municipal Pier No. 4 South.

Pittsburgh - 403 Andrews Bldg.

Portland, Ore. - 112 Citizens Bank Bldg.

Sacramento - State Dept. of Agriculture.

St. Louis - 413 Old Custom House.

Salt Lake City - 306 State Capitol Bldg.

San Antonio - Chamber of Commerce.

San Diego - P. O. Box 112.

San Francisco - Room. 1-2, Ferry Bldg.

Washington, D. C. - U. S. Bureau of Agricultural Economics.

Wilkes-Barre - 226 Miners' Bank Bldg.

Wichita - Care of Chamber of Commerce.

1. Membership List of the National League of Commission Merchants of the United States, July, 1926, pages 92-93.

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