Elizabeth Orphan Asylum, 1906, Annual Report

At the close of another year the Trustees of the Elizabeth Orphan Asylum Association present their annual report. From one point of view the year has been an uneventful one, but who can lightly estimate the daily care given these children, and the influence for good which we trust will be felt for years to come.

The work in each department has been faithfully performed, and the reports of the several committees from month to month have shown care and economy exercised.

The supplies of provisions sent in at Thanksgiving and Christmas, while large, were not as abundant as in previous years. The Managers trust that the interest which has been manifested in so many ways at the holidays may not be allowed to diminish, as the gifts then received have been a great assistance in filling the store-rooms. Large quantities of fruit donated during the year were thoroughly enjoyed by the children.

Valuable aid in providing the necessary clothing has been rendered by Societies in the several churches and by private individuals. A large number of garments were also furnished by the Elizabeth and Cranford Branches of the Needlework Guild. The proceeds from entertainments and fairs held for the benefit of the Asylum have added materially to the income. For all these manifestations of kind feeling and support the Trustees would express their sincere gratitude and appreciation.

Pleasures have been given to the children in the way of picnics, trolley rides, etc., and on the afternoon of September 27th sixteen automobiles were sent to the Asylum by their owners, and all were taken on a ride to Plainfield, making an afternoon long to be remembered.

In June we were obliged to accept the resignation of Mr. Eben. Caldwell from the Advisory Committee, he having left Elizabeth. We shall miss his wise counsel and generous aid as a member of this committee. Mr. Frank H. Davis was elected a member of the Advisory Committee to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. Caldwell.

The excursion to Asbury Park, in August, was under the same management as heretofore, and the success of the excursion from year to year is due to the gentlemen who so generously give their services.

In February occurred the death of Mr. L. B. Passman, who had for many years been a member of the Excursion Committee. By his work on this Committed; Mr. Passman had proved himself a faithful friend, and the Trustees gratefully acknowledge all that he did in our behalf.

The Sunday School has been under the charge of Mr. A. J. Furber, Superintendent, assisted by the following teachers: Mrs. Alexander P. Dunbar, Miss B. Crater, Miss M. Johnson, Miss E. M. Koechling, Miss B. Walker, Miss B. Emmel, Mr. William Clark, Mr. L. Allison and Mr. S. Holsapfel. These friends have not only taught in the school each Sunday, but have arranged special programmes on Christmas, Easter, Children’s Day and Bally Day. They have also supplied the School with quarterlies, cards, books, Bibles and Christmas gifts. We would take this opportunity to thank them for their kindness in thus taking charge of this branch of the work.

Visitors are welcome at the Asylum at any time to see the work as it is carried on there, and to inspect the comfortable home which has been provided by the contributions of our many friends.

1. "Forty-Eighth Annual Report", Forty-Eighth Annual Report of the Elizabeth Orphan Asylum Association, Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1906, Pages 5-6.

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