Court Street Epworth League, 1908, Historical Sketch

Court Street Epworth League was organized on Easter Sunday 1895, by Dr. W. P. Dickinson, Pastor of Court Street Church at this time with 38 active members.

The first officers were as follows: L. E. Baker, President. W. H. Ball, 1st Vice-President. Miss Lillian Browder, 2nd Vice-President. Miss Annie Stuart, 3rd Vice-President. W. P. Vandiver, Jr., Treasurer. E. H. Bowie, Secretary.

Standing pre-eminently for the highest service of evangelistic endeavor, The League has been an important factor in the development of the spiritual life of the Young People of the Church as well as provide wholesome pleasure and Holiday recreation.

This chapter stands the peer of any of its Sister Leagues in the results obtained through the workings of its Devotional Department; in point of attendance and the interest manifested in this exercise there is reason for encouragement in the future.

The Charity and Help Department have ever been active in the relief work of the Church, and at this time the special effort of this Department is being spent in supplying clothing for an Orphan at our Orphan's Home Summerfield, Ala.

The Literary and Social Department of this Chapter has been the means of promoting christian fellowship and supplying that class of entertainment which has been both educational and edifying.

This Chapter has always taken an active interest in the Missionary Work of the Church, contributing this year in addition to the regular conference claims of the Church, $50.00 to the work of our Church in Cuba. For the past three years a Mission Study Class has been maintained, devoting its attention to the Text Books selected by the Young People's Missionary Movement. The present season's Text Book is a study of "The Moslem Word."

The Epworth League and its Sister organizations among other Denominations has by earnest endeavor gained the confidence and support of the Church Going Public and is destined to become a potent factor in moulding that type of manhood and womanhood necessary in the consuest of the 20th Century, "All For Christ."

Prominent men who have been members of Court Street Epworth League and whose work contributed very largely to its success are as follows: Mr. Lawrence E. Baker, Mr. E. H. Bowie, Mr. W. E. Holloway, Mr. E. L. Graydon, Mr. Fred S. Ball, Mr. C. A. Lanier, and Rev. E. C. Maye, the latter being ordained as minister while serving as an officer of League.

Annually the League has held public meetings in the Auditorium of Church of a Rally Day or of a Missionary Character. During this year a grand missionary rally was held on Aug. 30th, which was addressed by Messrs. Armstead Brown and Leon McCord. The outcome of this meeting was the organization of several mission study classes and a greatly increased interest in missions.

This League has entertained two Annual Conferences of the State Organization, the first one being the 6th Annual Conference of the State League, which was held May 11-12, 1897, with 188 delegates in attendance. The second being the 13th Annual Conference of the State League, which was held June 21-23, 1904, with 146 delegates in attendance.

1. "Sketch of the Court Street League", Court Street Epworth League, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Montgomery, Alabama, Program and Order of Exercises for the Observance of the 100th Anniversary of the Planting of the Methodist Episcopal Churchi with the bounds of the State of Alabama, 1908, page 4.

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