Benson's Orchestra, 1922, Photograph

One of the most active bookers of musicians is Edgar A. Benson of Chicago. He is a thorough musician with plenty of business ability, a combination that is so rare.

Image of Benson's Orchestra

Mr. Benson controlls dozens of fine orchestras, bands, musical acts, etc. The Benson Orchestra which bears his name has been recently playing at the Marigold Gardens. It is well known through Its Victor records which have met with great success.

"You no doubt know that my orchestras are completely fitted out with your famous Instruments in the gold deluxe finish and each of the members of the Benson Orchestras are most enthusiastic in their praise for these magnificent and wonderfully perfect samples of your art. Congratulations." EDGAR A. BENSON.

1. C. C. Conn Ltd. Musical Truth, Vol. XI, No. 30, Elkhart, Ind., May, 1922, page 14.

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