An eastern Algonquian tribe or subtribe. Although mentioned in the original records of 1741 (Bacon, Laws of Maryland, 1765) in connection with the Hutsawaps and Tequassimoes as a distinct tribe, they were probably only a division of the Choptank. This name is not mentioned in John Smith's narrative of his exploration of the Chesapeake bay. The band lived on Choptank r., Md., and in 1741 the Colonial government confirmed them in possession of their lands on the s. side of that stream, in Dorchester co., near Secretary cr. By 1837 the entire tribe to which they belonged had dwindled to a few individuals of mixed Indian and African blood. (Bozman, Hist. Maryland, 1, 115, 1837)

Source: Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, Frederick Webb Hodge, 1907.

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